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LONA - “Lioness, Ready for Battle”

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Be Prepared - Be Empowered - Be a LONA

Women's Self Defense and Empowerment

Hello, my name is Misty Moore and I am the founder of I AM LONA. The name “LONA” in the English language means, “Lioness, Ready for Battle”. I want you to feel empowered and prepared if you encounter a situation where your safety or well being is threatened.

The I Am Lona website was created to be a resource for women from 10 to 80 years old to find local training, resources, and support. Visit our local section, select your state and city, and you will find information on local providers of basic self defense training, legal services, counseling, mentoring, fitness training, martial arts training, and much more.

Be Prepared....Be Empowered....Be a LONA.

Together, We Will be Empowered. Together, We Will Destroy Statistics. Together, We Will be Victorious.